IMG_4699In my early 20s, I had a weird obsession with all things rose. I loved the smell, the look, the taste. I would sneak pieces of Turkish Delight from my parent’s secret stash at Christmas, and to this day when they visit me in Ohio, they come laden with Fry’s Turkish Delight- easily my favourite chocolate bar. I went through various perfumes with rose top or heart notes. Personal favourite was, is, the more delicate scented Peoneve by Penhaligons. But Paul Smith’s ROSE has a place in my heart. And today, having discovered I have two open bottles of Nielsen-Massey rose water in my cupboard, I wanted to fill the house with good smells, and my belly with good food. Which, when I think about it, is my default setting…always wanting nice smells and nicer tastes.

In keeping with the simplicity of my previous post, I’ve experimented on and subsequently created a quick recipe for an uncomplicated, but exquisite coconut and rose custard pudding. To label is as ambrosial would be a disservice to the dish. It is light in texture, and of course colour, but the welcome addition of cardamom creates a very decadent dessert indeed.

RECIPE- serves 4


100g SUGAR
250ml COCONUT MILK (full fat, don’t use LITE)
1/4 tsp ROSE WATER

Whisk together the eggs and sugar, slowly adding the coconut milk until combined and pale yellow in colour.

Add rose water and cardamom, and whisk again briefly.

Pour mixture into ramekins, and place in a bain-marie, filled 2/3 up the sides of the ramekins with boiling water. Be sure to tap or wipe out any bubbles on the edges of the ramekins- that won’t make for a pretty bake.

Bake for 40 minutes, and allow to cool before serving.


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