I love subscription boxes. They introduce me to brands and products I may not have ever heard of (or afforded), and they have the power to light up my life. With winter being so wicked this year, I couldn’t wait until the Spring FabFitFun box landed on my doorstep. And I have to say, it was the best one yet. This subscription box is by far the most skillfully put together beauty box on the market, and always had been. The love that goes into the quarterly boxes is evident in the design and styling as well as the selection of brands and products.

The Spring 2018 box celebrated wonder women in the beauty and lifestyle industries, with products from the likes of Rachel Pallay and Maya Brenner with beauty brand leaders KORRES and Dove nestled in besides them. The opening of this box was such a joy- the box design was awe inspiring, the colour palette delightful and I was left sure that I would buy into every brand included.

The stand out products for me were:

KORRES Guava Body Butter:  Save for Lush’s SLEEP, I’m not one for scented body lotions. During the day, it’s more than likely going to fight against whatever fragrance I’m wearing, at night, if my dog can smell it, he’s going to lick it off me! KORRES has long been a feature in my bathroom cabinet, their night creams are especially wonderful, but this was my first foray into their body range. If I spot KORRES in a store, I’m always drawn to their unique scent combos and genuine fragrances- no artificial vanilla scents here- so I was delighted to be able to choose this lotion to be featured in my spring box. Guava is a difficult scent for me- bordering on sickly sweet along it’s fellow tropical fruits such as passion fruit and mango. In my mind, tropical scented body lotions belong in the early 00’s when I used to save my allowance up to splurge on Body Shop scrubs and lotions, and I’d walk around smelling like a fruit basket.

But fruit scented body lotions have grown up. KORRES has created a range of rich, creamy lotions that do not distract or disturb the senses. The guava scent is peppered with warming Shea and almond notes, and absorbs fast. What’s not to like?

Anderson Lilley Sunset Collection Candle: Those who know me well, or who have been following my blog since the start, know that when doing my weekly food shop, I will always end up in the scented candle section. If ever Justin and I get separated in Kroger, he knows where to find me. I like to think that should I ever storm out the house in a huff, that he’ll look for me at either The Candle Lab in OTR (best store in Cincinnati if you ask me), or the nearest Yankee Candle Store. I am obsessed with scented candles. So imagine my face when I found one in the spring box! Anderson Lilley is a new name to me, I guess I either buy big brand or local, but guys, this is the holy grail of candles. The Sunset Collection- of which I received the Super Bloom one is something to seek out, buy, even hoard if you can. The copper/rose gold tin is beautiful in its own right, but the scent is the true winner here. Notes of basil and geranium mix superbly with rose and jasmine, but the stand out note is tangerine leaf for sure. These candles are STRONG, but not “punch you in the nose strong”, but strong enough to be lit in one room and fill the whole house. At $45 a pop, I wouldn’t usually invest, but I was sold on this brand INSTANTLY, and right now there is a huge sale on their website…GO! GO! GO!


Dove Exfoliating Body Polish: I love that FabFitFun, as well as the queen of all subscription boxes, Birch Box, include affordable drug store products among the slightly more expensive, occasionally damn near unaffordable, brands. Dove has been my go-to deodorant brands since I can remember, and I am sure that at any given point, there has been a Dove shower wash either in the shower or under the sink. But things are going to change! The sample of Kiwi Seeds and Cool Aloe was a welcome find, and after just one use, I’m convinced that I’m going to snap up all three options when I find them. The whipped cream texture is different from other scrubs and exfoliators I’ve used before, but it by no means put me off. It frothed slightly, and the seeds were gentle enough to rid me of dry skin without causes redness or drying my skin out. Kiwi and Aloe are perfectly matched, and my skin was left soft, smooth and refresh- no oily substance left behind, and no slime!

Being a quarterly subscription box means that I’m always refreshing my inbox to see when I can customise my box or order add ons, but given the quality and quantity of products received in March, I’ll be content with what I have until the summer box arrives.



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