If you follow me on Instagram, you may have spotted the odd Candle Lab product nestled into a bookshelf or on a bedside table, when I post photos of my home. Save for the kitchen, every room has it’s own scent profile thanks to the Create Your Own option for reed diffusers, room sprays and candles at Candle Lab.

Bedroom: herbal and relaxing, lavender, patchouli, sage, incense.

Bathroom: clean and earthy, eucalyptus, mint, lemon, grapefruit.

Guest bedroom: light and floral, honeysuckle, green tea, jasmine.

Laundry room: refreshing and clean, cotton, sea foam, fresh linen.

Living room: warm and calming, vanilla, chocolate, cedar, teakwood.

Attic: man cave, bourbon, straight razor, cologne.

Though a regular at the OTR store, I was delighted to discover that there is in fact a store right here on the East Side, just down the road from me in Anderson! The incredible duo behind Cincinnati Bloggers, Shelbie and Layla arranged an intro to candle making and scent exploration earlier this week and, you guessed it, I went and got to create something magical to add to my collection.


Candle Lab has over 100(!) scents available to sniff. You can opt to buy pre-made standalone candles in popular scents like rose, vanilla or lavender, or if you’re feeling brave, something more unique such as yuzu, hops, or perhaps…bacon?! But the real joy at the stores is being able to create your own scent, right down to the proportions so the balance of scents is just for you. I’ve experimented with scent at Candle Lab before, having magicked up a Cedar, Mahogany and Incense- something that pleased the hippy in me- so I had a bit of an understanding of which scents worked and which ones don’t.


As this was a blogger event, and we kept referring to each other by our blog names, I did a spin on my coffee order- which is with milk and no sugar…with vanilla…and if there’s some going…spiced rum! So a coffee bean, vanilla bean, and spiced rum candle was created and boy was it a winner! In fact, Alyse, the owner of the store called it a “no brainer”. What a compliment! The rich, sweet vanilla played perfectly with the nutty, slightly bitter coffee notes, and the spiced rum tied the whole thing together with that authentic rum smell.

You can pick out scents, pour the candle your self and have it bagged up ready to go all within 90 minutes, which makes it the perfect weekend or post-work activity- as this store is located in the heart of Anderson Township, why not pop in and experiment with scent before going to the movies, or out to dinner? While you’re gone, the awesome Candle Lab team will label your products (with stickers you’ve designed yourself no less), and package them up. And get this! The creativity element isn’t limited to designing labels and scents. With shelf upon shelf of vessels and jars to choose from, you could spend a lifetime coming up with combinations!


The highlight of the night (and this is coming in just in front of the delicious food provided by Leyla’s – I have never had hummus as incredible, what their zucchini fritters? OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.) was getting a sneak peak of the limited edition Christmas scents! Personal favourites were:

Santa’s Pipe: cherry, vanilla bean, tobacco.

First Snow: balsam fir, peppermint and jasmine.

Peppermint Bark: peppermint, white chocolate.

So if you’re looking for the perfect personalised holiday gift, or simply want to fill your home with exceptionally scented products, head to your nearest Candle Lab, or buy online! I am a Candle Lab fan for life, and I will make no apologies for everyone getting candles for Christmas this year.


This has been a review of the Anderson Township Candle Lab store.

Candle Lab
7454 Beechmont Ave. #308
Cincinnati, OH 45255
(614) 915-0777 x 6

Mon – Sat: 11 AM – 8 PM
Sun: 12 – 5 PM

I’d like to extend my thanks to Layla and Shelbie of Cincinnati Bloggers, Alyse and the rest of the Candle Lab team, and Leyla’s Mediterranean and Dream Dinners for providing such wonderful food.

This has been a sponsored post.

All my views are my own.

All images used in this post are mine, unless stated otherwise.


One thought on “CANDLE LAB, ANDERSON

  1. Your scent is a no brainer, smells soooo good! Those zucchini fritters were insane right?! Does this mean we can go back for more? Love ya girl!

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