Let me be honest with you for a hot minute. It has been about 6 years since I actually relaxed on a weekend. Given that my husband and I have opposite work schedules, weekends are usually spent doing rather ordinary things- changing the cat litter, food shops, fixing leaky taps, on rare occasions? Venturing to Cincinnati for dinner and a movie. At any given time on a Saturday, you’ll find me baking or blogging, and him off doing stuff with the guys. We struggle to kick back. In fact, even when the footballs on, we’ll be flitting in and out of the room to finish laundry, walk the dog, Skype friends and family back in England. We simply can’t switch off!

So when given the opportunity to venture down to Gatlinburg for the weekend, we didn’t quite know whether we’d be able to relax. Would we really sleep in? What about doing whatever we wanted, rather than what needed to be done? Would we actually be able to switch off for a full 48 hours? The short answer is yes. With thanks to American Patriot Getaways, we were able to find a slice of Tennessee heaven high in the Smokey Mountains, and just be.


The resorts of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are just over 4 hours drive from Cincinnati- which by American standards of road trips, is nothing. In fact, the drive is as easy as it is beautiful. Passing by horse farms in Kentucky, skirting around Lexington and weaving up and up and up through the mountains- the route is a joy to drive and one that, now that Gatlinburg is our favourite place to go, one we’re happy to make every couple of months. Once we’d made our way through the hustle and bustle of downtown Pigeon Forge, and wound our way through the back-roads, we stumbled across our little cabin, nestled with 3 identical properties high on a hill just outside the arts and crafts district. We’d booked in to one of Patriot Getaways new Treehouse Cabins that, along with sleeping 6 guests, comes with a fully equipped kitchen, hot tubs, heart shaped Jacuzzis, free WiFi, and all the comforts of home. This, as it turned out, was the best place for us to reconnect and relax.


Being able to cook our own meals while on vacation is really important to us- especially as we were staying in such a beautifully remote part of town. After stocking up on food, drinks and snacks at the local store, we spent the evening pottering about the kitchen, making use of every pot and pan there (of which there are many), using the brilliant appliances – especially the brand-spanking-new Whirlpool oven that preheated really quickly (and accurately). I fixed a dinner of fried chicken and biscuits, green bean casserole and gravy- a pretty full on meal for such a tiny cabin. But believe me, you could easily cook a full holiday meal in the comfort of that kitchen. It is small but mighty. All 400+ cabins in the Patriot Getaways portfolio come stocked with flatware and utensils, making it super easy to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner without your kitchen with you.


For us, the stand out part of our weekend away was making use of the adorable heart shaped Jacuzzi. Nothing says “romantic getaway” more than a long soak in a bubbling tub, sipping on moonshine and planning your future together. The sign may well say “All You Need Is Love…and A Cabin”, but believe me…when you book, be sure you have a couples Jacuzzi a stones throw from your king sized bed…relaxing will never be so easy or so fun! After our drive down, we spent a happy hour or so star gazing from the privacy of our hot tub on the balcony before heading to bed. While looking out for shooting stars and satellites, we listened the world wind down for the day. Close by, an owl hooted and swooped low over our heads, and leaves below the deck rustled as animals settled in for the winter. Save for the sounds of Tennessee’s native fauna, it was still and peaceful, which in turn lead to some exceptionally deep, dreamless sleeps.


These new cabins are absolutely beautifully designed. There is such a high attention to detail throughout the properties- lamps are ordained with pinecones and fir tree prints, beds are covered with flannel sheets and luxurious bear skin throws, that make for a cozy stay and lots of warm snuggles. There isn’t a single tacky or out of place ornament or picture- it is all rather sweet and quaint. These four cabins are a stones throw from the bustling arts and crafts community of Gatlinburg, and it’s clear that the properties play homage to the superb talents and craftmanship of men and women working close by. Checking in and out doesn’t require long lines at desks- one text or call to an automated line and you’re ready to go. We checked in before we left home, meaning we could take our time on the drive down. Check out was done in a matter of seconds, which only added to the joy of our stay.


Less than 5 hours drive from home? Comfortable and warm? Full of home comforts and conveniences? This was the perfect romantic weekend away, and after only 48 hours there, in a cabin I know we’ll return to time and again. But what is so great about Patriot Getaways is that there is a cabin for every type of weekend away! Going with friends? Get a 5 bedroom log home with an X-BOX and pool table. Treating your folks to a long weekend in the mountains? Book a luxury cabin with a telescope and star gaze! They have properties for every budget and every occasion.

And I’m thrilled to share with you a tremendous discount code for YOUR stay with Patriot Getaways! Book now using the “Early Bird” special promo code to receive 15% off your stay. Book using ERLBD. (Excludes Holidays. Requires a minimum nights stay. Applies to certain properties.)


This has been a review of the American Patriot Getaways.

This has been a sponsored post.

All my views are my own.

All images used in this post are mine, unless stated otherwise.


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