It’s fair to say that my interests and hobbies are pretty standard. I’m a sucker for a good book, I like long walks on beaches, travel is a big thing in my life and of course, I like cooking and baking. I’ve also been fishing a few times but the heat and the silence meant that I didn’t last long. But you know what has just been added to my hobbies list? AXE THROWING! Yeah that’s right, Little Miss Homebody has fallen hard for lobbing a sharp, heavy object at a wooden circle.


Urban Axes recently opened their sixth arena in Cincinnati’s favourite neighbourhood, OTR. After the success of arenas in Philadelphia, Boston and Austin, new locations are popping up all across the country. The Cincy location is nestled in next to Rhinegeist which makes is the perfect post pint hang out. Or if you’re wanting to make a real night of it, there’s a bar right there in the arena!


Sessions start with a signing of a waiver- be sure to read it! There are crucial rules about the handling of equipment and how to stay safe, regardless of whether you’ve had a drink or two. Your time at the arena is overseen by one of Urban Axes awesome supervisors who are as friendly as they are knowledgeable, who not only train you to perfect your stance, form and throw, they also serve as tournament score keepers once you’re up and running.


Justin and I got a sneak preview of the space a few days before their grand opening and it was fascinating to learn which throws work best for us. I did best with a two-handed throw, while Justin perfected the one-handed lumberjack-esque throw. I’ve gotta say, my man looks good throwing axes!


The VIP night allowed me to improve my skills and catch up with some of my fave Cincy bloggers- hey girls! Knowing how much fun Justin had, and loving the feeling of accomplishment of nailing a bullseye, I’m counting down the days until our next visit. I’m pretty sure a walk-in session at Urban Axes will be on the cards whenever we’re in OTR.

Public Walk-Ins:
Tue: 6PM-9PM
Wed: 6PM-9PM
Thu: 6PM-9PM
Fri: 2PM-9PM
Sat: 11AM-9PM
Sun: 11AM-7PM

Group Bookings:
Tues-Sun: 11AM-11PM

2010 Elm St,
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 970-2937

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