As my Mum messaged me today (in all caps no less) begging me to share my Christmas wish list, I thought I’d move this post up to today. It also gives others (hello, Justin) a head start on getting their Christmas shopping.

The last couple of years, when asked what I wanted for Christmas, I asked for either donations in my name to my local NPR station or for gift vouchers. A donation is still very much welcome and encouraged, but given how difficult this year was for me in the end, and given that gift cards are so incredibly boring, here is my 2019 wish list. It’s a jovial mix of items from independent stores both here in the US and back home in the UK, plus a few luxury items that I’ve been lusting after for quite some time. I have been a very good girl this year, Santa.

  • MOO & TWO – Coffee, Milk With Two Sugars Mug
    I have a Moo & Two mug that I use every single day. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see if featured regularly! It’s a homage to how I take my tea which is in turn a nod to my blog name and social media handles. With coffee, however, I like things a bit sweeter. This cute little cup will be the perfect addition to my mug collection, and now there’ll be no excuse for messing up my coffee order.
  • SCAMP & DUDE – Grey Cheetah and Lightning Bolt Sweater
    I dyed my hair rose gold yesterday. I’ve started drinking flat whites. I’ve been nursing Ellie while listening to Bon Iver. So I like to think that my transition to “Cool Mum” is well under way, and so what is cooler that grey and neon animal print sweaters?! THE MATCHING BABY ONESIE?!
  •  TEAPIGS – Assorted Teas
    These guys are the best, most innovative tea purveyors in the world, they literally have a type of tea for every palate. My personal faves are the Liquorice and Mint, Chocolate Flake, and their Darjeeling Earl Grey hybrid, but I’m excited to try their newer flavours such as Rhubarb & Ginger, Spiced Pear, and the Gluhwein Tea (the latter two are limited edition seasonal offerings)
  •  MAPLE MERCANTILE – Sassy Keychains
    Sweary accessories are the best kind of accessories. I’ll take one of each.
  •  REPLICA SURFACES – Subway Tile, Grey Marble, Cement Backdrops
    For years now, I’ve been styling my food shots on a budget, using foam boards with flimsy vinyl taped to both sides! It works for the most part, but the board are starting to fall apart, get stained, and look a bit old after two years or almost daily use. These boards from Replica Surfaces are exceptionally high quality, and from following Mandy on Instagram, I have learned how to better style and compose my food shots, and connected with a great many budding and budded food photographers.
    After helping Layla with her cookie photography earlier this week, I came to the conclusion that I am quite good at photography. But I am not that good. I am still struggling with styling, composition, lighting and getting the perfect shot. I often reshoot days after I thought I’d settled on a style! I want to start investing in my blog, getting more paying clients, and I think there is no better way than to learn.
  •  FARMHOUSE FRESH – Will Dew Oragnic Probiotic Mask
    If it’s good enough for the DreamMore Resort & Spa, it’s good enough for me. Having discovered FHF on my first ever visit to Dollywood, I have found myself coveting their products more and more each year. Their standout products, by far, are their masks. The Splendid Dirt mask is my go-to in autumn, it helps prep my skin for winter and it is pumpkin spice so you know…basic bitches unite. With winter hitting us hard here in Ohio, I’m wanting to try something different! Promising deep moisturisation, reduced dehydration, and a dewy glow, this will see me through to Spring.
  •  SEEDLIP – Holiday Trio Gift Set
    2020 is my year of change. Sure, 2019 was pretty wild but I am ending the year drained, stressed and anxious. One thing that has helped alleviate the aforementioned feelings is cutting down on my drinking. Being pregnant meant giving up the sauce, breastfeeding meant staying off it. My skin, body and brain have thanked me by being clearer and calmer, but while I miss cocktails, I also want to give up drinking completely. Cue Seedlip and their nonalcoholic spirits.
  •  H&M – Oversized Cashmere Sweater
    A girl can dream…
  •  S’IP BY S’WELL – Happy Face Travel Mug
    My last travel mug flew out of my cup holder when I took a corner too fast on the way to work one day. Since then, I have been singlehandedly keeping my local Dunkin in business. Which is great for them, but not for our bank balance. Having been gifted a Nespresso earlier this year, we have the ability to make our own coffee shop quality drinks, and with this snazzy little travel mug, I’ll be able to savour my lattes and cappucinos on my walks with Ellie and Moo, and on my commute to work when I start back next year.

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