This time last year it’s fair to say Justin and I were dreading Christmas. We were closing out our fourth year of infertility problems, no closer to getting pregnant. . While we were looking forward to some (much needed) time off together, we couldn’t bring ourselves to celebrate, believing we had nothing¬†to¬†celebrate. Christmas is about family, and we had failed to start one. Our struggle to conceive had consumed us entirely and we were absolutely miserable. What a difference a year makes…Ellie will be one month old this weekend, so any celebrations will be totally lost on her, but we’re already making memories this special Christmastime.

First up is establishing traditions as a family of three. We’ll be visiting Coney Island for their Christmas Nights of Lights this evening (and will be going again in a week or so when my parents come to stay), something Justin has never experienced. How someone can live minutes away from Coney Island for 30+ years and never go to the light show is beyond me. Ellie is fascinated by the lights on our tree at the moment and it amazes me how this tiny human is already so alert and responsive to lights, colours and sounds. No doubt she’ll sleep through the show tonight, but this marks year one of many that we’ll visit.

Over the last couple of years, Justin and I have been adding random ornaments to our collection. This year alone we’ve added a glittery bone in honour of Moo, a Dolly Parton tree fairy, and selection of brightly coloured gnomes. But no piece is more special to us in 2019 than our Grey Room Handle “baby’s first Christmas” one. This personalized, hand-lettered ornament is clear acrylic with white calligraphy, simple and elegant. We’ve been sure to hang it close to the fairy lights so it catches their glow. I’ll admit that when first putting this on the tree this week, I had a happy cry. Be sure to check our GRH on Etsy for ornaments, mugs, glassware and accessories.


We’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a great many things for Ellie – cribs, changing tables, so much clothing, lots of blankets, and a Make Your Own Ornament kit! Despite a few years at art school, I am the least crafty person I know besides Justin, meaning that this could have ended disastrously! But the simple instructions meant that we had a drama free morning creating an adorable memento. Becoming parents has made us very sentimental so this ornament and the memories made making and hanging it will be cherished for years to come.


We’ve starting establishing routines as a little family unit these last couple of weeks and our favourite one is the Four Bs – bath, bottle, book and bed. Ellie loves the feel of water on her skin, and it is a joy to see her react and smile as we sing to her while she bathes. She is such a delight! Bottle and book is a combined effort as neither one of us has mastered the one hand feed. I picked up this sweet little book to start her reading journey. While she has a library of books from grandparents, aunts and family friends, this is the first book I have bought her. I hope that she’ll be just as interested and entertained by it next year.



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