Tis the season, babes! The season for hot chocolate. Over the years I’ve seen my love of hot chocolates be replaced with a need for coffee, but in recent months I’ve rediscovered the childlike joy of getting whipped cream on my nose as I sip on a steaming mug of hot chocolate. To celebrate my rekindled romance with cocoa, I’ve put together a list of my top five recipes.

BA’s Best Hot Chocolate
Easily one of my most frequented recipes from Bon Appetit. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the recipe, or how fool proof it is, but I find myself scrolling through my book marks for this bad boy time and time again.

Yellow Bliss Road White Hot Chocolate
Y’all are sleeping on white hot chocolates, I swear. The often overlooked sister of the usual milk chocolate, this has a completely different flavour and level of sweetness. I find that it pairs better with syrups, so if like me you like flavoured drinks, start with a white hot chocolate like this gem from Kristin. I added a splash of Torani’s Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup to mine.

The Domestic Rebel Frozen Hot Chocolate
I once managed a guy who, even in the dead of winter, in snow storms and on snow days, would get iced coffees. I used to roll my eyes so hard at him, but I also secretly applauded his commitment to his venti iced vanilla lattes. The boy knew what he liked, and he liked it HARD. So Kyle, this one is for you. An icy take on a classic.

Tasty Fiery Chili Hot Chocolate
We’re all familiar with the origins of chocolate in South America, but how many of us are brave enough to try it how it is meant to be enjoyed? If you’re a fan of chai tea/lattes, this is an interesting upgrade.

Nigella Lawson Dark Rum Hot Chocolate
Oh Nigella, how I adore you and your filthy recipes. It’s been a while since I have made your Coca Cola Baked Ham, forgive me. I’ve been busy experimenting with your alcoholic hot chocolate recipe. Sure you recommend a dark rum, but what about Kahlua? Or vanilla vodka? And how can we forget crème de menthe? If boozy bevs are you thing, then put your trust in Queen Nigella.


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