There’s a really old sign in my office that says “life’s short, eat dessert first” and you know what…I have to agree. Life is short (somehow Ella will turn 9 months next week) and dessert should be eaten first, in fact, dessert should be whenever possible.

Enter Sweetaly Dolceria.

This all natural ingredients dessert company is based out in California but now available through my favourite food delivery system, Green Bean, who serve a great swathe of the Midwest. As to best serve you, dear reader, my husband and I sat down tonight to taste test just some of these delicious, decedent desserts.


This packs a huge flavour punch, but yet it’s light as a feather. Peppered with vanilla seeds, this creamy pudding is a perfect balance of sweet, smooth caramel and the tickly flicker of sea salt flakes. It was very easy to finish off straight from the jar, but to elevate this dessert, it can easily be flipped onto a plate and served with a drizzle of caramel, some crumbled cookie pieces, or if you’re needing some sort of balance, a handful of berries.


Aside from crème brûlée, tiramisu is the one dessert that I always gravitate towards. When done properly, tiramisu is light and airy, with a dense bottom layer of espresso saturated Lady Finger cookies. Some places dust with chocolate powder (a nod to a cappuccino) but Sweetaly step it up with a generous helping of milk chocolate curls. An easy 10/10 for this.


Let me draw from the packaging for a moment: “zesty Key lime pie on a buttery Graham cracker crust, topped with crystallized ginger.” Yes, it is just as outstanding as it sounds. Thankfully the lime is sharp enough to cut through the dense creaminess of the “pie” and the cracker and ginger pieces add some much needed texture to this super smooth sweet treat.


Out of the four we tried, this was the heaviest and densest in terms of texture, and that is thanks to the ricotta! What on paper sounds quite plain Jane, is in fact a rather impressive take on an American classic. The sweet, summery strawberry scents and flavours have not been muted by the sour ricotta, and the sugary crunch of a Graham cracker base provides further playful textures on the tongue.

Desserts can make or break a meal, and for too long I have been ending my day with a sad pot of sugar free jello or bowl of berries. Life is short. Send the email. Write the book. Call your parents. And eat dessert first.

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