It’s rather fortuitous timing that a matter months after Justin had his surgery (and can therefore eat meat again), that Cincinnati Burger Week starts! With restaurants across the Tri-state participating this year, Aug 17 – 23 is the perfect time to explore some of the culinary delights available near you.

We got a sneak preview last week thanks to the team at Gold Star Chili, who are not only part of the awesome Burger Week line up, but they’re promoting their Burger YEAR competition…use the #GoldStarBurgerContest hashtag on social media, and you could win free burgers for an entire year.

As with the other great stand lone and chain restaurants involved in Burger Week, Gold Star is offering a burger deal for just $6. This includes a burger, fries and a drink, what more could you ask for? So we stopped by the Amelia restaurant to taste test some of their exceptional meals.


There is nothing more quintessentially American than a hamburger. Apple pie comes in a close second, but burgers take the lead when it comes to American classics. At Gold Star, who are world famous for their chili, it comes as no surprise that their burgers also pack a huge flavour punch. Grilled to perfection, the patties are moist and hearty, and are made even more delicious thanks to a generous handful of pickles, lettuce, tomato, and that sauce. Mmmm, a little bit of a kick, but super smooth and almost creamy. It is the perfect pairing with those sweet brioche buns.

Gold Star’s crinkle cut fries are out of this world, and can come loaded too if that’s your thing! If you want to go hard and really honour the heart of Gold Star, you simply have to try their loaded chili cheese fries, which is you heard my radio ad with Gold Star earlier this year, you know I take mine with their delicious veggie chili.

So if you’re at a loss as to what to do with that lonely $10, get your butt to your local Gold Star and start your Burger Week journey off with an exceptionally delicious meal deal. Oh, and if you’re not quite ready for dining in, drive thru is open! Be sure to check out the official Cincinnati Burger Week interactive map before heading out.


This has been a sponsored post, supported by the awesome team at Gold Star Chili. Views and photos are my own. 

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