One change I wasn’t expecting during a global pandemic was to my skin: I’ve gone from having relatively normal skin, to sensitive and dry with a dash of cystic acne in a matter of weeks. I’m blaming masks – is that normal? As you’ll see my skincare regimen is top notch. Masks and mandates, plus the stress of buying a house, and trying to balance work/life/motherhood has left my skin looking tired and dull.

A few weeks ago I decided to change up my skincare routine and I took the opportunity to reeeeally look at what I was putting on my face. As we continue to see the obvious impact humans have on the environment, I’m becoming conscious of what products and what brands I use and commit to, and I’m more concerned with what impact certain products and brands have, not only on my skin, but on the planet. So let me introduce you to Versed Skincare.

I spotted the very millennial coloured range on a trip to Target, and as I was wanting to invest in skin care for the first signs of aging for the first time, I was curious as to just how good their On The Rise serum could be. Well, colour me impressed! After just a few days use (twice a day, after cleansing but before moisturiser) my cheeks were so plump, smooth and firm you could bounce a penny off of them. Not only that, but my skin tone was more even, I looked awake – that’ll be the resveratrol and vitamin C. This collagen boosting serum is a great intro to this range, and I highly recommend it if, like me, you need to show your skin some extra TLC.

Another step I took was swapping face wipes for a vegan and soap free gel cleanser. Wipes, even when disposed in the trash/bin, can find their way to sewers and tanks and oceans, and many cannot dissolve so aren’t environmentally friendly. It was time to make an ethical change. The Wash It Out cleanser leaves my skin silky smooth and incredibly clean. During these hotter summer months I often notice more pronounced pores and have struggled for years to find a cleanser that really gets rid of dirt and grime and effectively remove make up. This cleanser is a delicate mix of rosewater and mint, that froths up beautifully, ensuring a deep but not drying, clean. It’s a refreshing tonic for the senses.

I also made the decision to swap my generic store brand moisturiser for their Dew Point gel cream in the morning and the Skin Soak moisture cream before bed, the latter also helps with signs of aging (which I am starting to see, yay motherhood). The result? I found my glow! The gel cream creates an excellent base for make up (should you choose to wear any under your mask), and as the Versed website suggests:

“Oilier skin types can still use [the cream moisturizer] as a night cream or as their heavier wintertime moisturizer.

Last night I used their Shortcut overnight peel, a very welcome addition to my bathroom shelf. My skin is super sensitive, especially after washing, so there was a slight sting upon application. This morning after washing it off, I found that my skin was smoother, more toned, more supple, and my pores noticeably smaller. The formula is a balance of lactic and glycolic acid which break down dead skin cells, and some vitamin A (“one of the most powerful and proven anti-aging ingredients available“). Though gentle enough to use night after night, for those with more sensitive skins, use once or twice a week for a gentle, yet powerful peel mask.

After 6 weeks of use, consider me a Versed convert. I feel more confident in my skin thanks to a new morning and night routine that focuses on my changing skin issues, and I know I’m a better human being for making ethical changes to my shopping habits.


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